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Scenic Rim Brewery - Opening Very Very Soon

Mt Alford now has a micro brewery. You can also purchase coffee and light meals - dine inside or outside on the deck.

Next time you take a drive to the Scenic Rim, call out to Mt Alford and see our newly renovated store um.. brewery :)

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Mt Alford Artisans Market

The Spring Mt Alford Artisan's Market is being held on Saturday 2nd September from 9am to 3pm. Location: Mt Alford Hall - 942 Reckumpilla St - Mt Alford 4310 (10 mins from Boonah)

There will be music, food and drinks available and market stalls offering quality items focusing on upcycled, handmade and local artists.

The first market was a great success so mark it in your diary and come and visit the Scenic Rim on the weekend.

While you are here - visit the Scenic Rim Brewery which is just across the road.

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Fitness Classes in the Scenic Rim, Zumba, Mens, Yoga and more

Information on Women's and Men's Fitness Classes in the Scenic Rim, including Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Mens classes and more

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Coal Seam Gas - say NO!

I attended a community meeting tonight to discuss keeping the Scenic Rim Coal & Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Free.

It was good to see the REAL information and not the glossy crap the politicians pass off in the way of advertising. Although it's very sad that communities have to fight against something that makes no sense for Australia.

Why on earth would we CHOOSE to do this to our land - our soil, our water, our health?

If you live in the city or in a region not directly affected by CSG you WILL still be impacted. This isn't just a farming issue - it affects everyone. I urge you to get some information - to help the wonderful and amazing volunteers and do SOMETHING. Buy a sticker, attend a meeting, make a donation... And say NO TO CSG.

Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic - and Australia to for that matter!

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Family Fun Day - Veresdale Scrub State School

Veresdale Scrub State School will be holding their annual Family Fun Day on Sunday 15th July from 10am to 2pm.

Live entertainment on the day, local school exhibits and market stalls. Rides and games for all ages, raffles, face painting,hot rod cars, bbq, delicious home made treats at the cake and sweet stall and lunch in the country tea house.

Local community radio station Beau FM will be broadcasting live from the school. There will be special performances from local dance group Creation Dance. Also appearing on the day the Black Dragon Karate Club and Beaudesert Gymnastics.

A great day not to be missed.

HOT new Zumba classes to beat the Winter cool

Anna has branched out! Zumba Classes are now being held in Aratula, Boonah and Kalbar.

Zumba is a fun way to keep fit and you can choose a morning or evening class.

Keep up to date with all the latest news and updates on Facebook: "Zumba Fitness with Anna Foley"

Contact Anna Foley: 5463 7871 or 0413 757 268

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Mother's Day this Sunday!

Mother's Day is just around the corner. A perfect gift for Mum this year: A session with Sheila Higgins Photography. Here's a great Mother's Day offer

We had family photos taken last Mother's Day and the photos Sheila took were fabulous!

Check out Sheila Higgins Photography Facebook page or website for more information.



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Know your local Business :)

I've just added 4 more businesses to the Scenic Rim Guide's Business Directory. This is a free directory for you to find local businesses.

Proudly sponsored by Boonah Landscaping.

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AFL for Kids in the Scenic Rim

The Western Rim AFL Competition is about to start. It's not too late to join - contact a team in your area now.

In the Boonah area - the Fassifern Falcons practice every Wednesday at 4pm, Kalbar showgrounds.

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Beau Park Horse Rescue and Rehab

I met some lovely ladies from Beau Park Horse Rescue and Rehab this morning. As a horse owner myself I am in awe of people who care so much for these beautiful animals.

Rescuing and rehabilitating horses takes a lot of time, work and money.

Please check out the website and if there is any way you can help, please do so :)

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We Don't want Coal Seam Gas!

Come along tomorrow, Sunday 16 October 2011 to support the protest against Coal Seam Gas.

There are plenty of locations - show up and show your support.

Lots of info on the website or facebook page.

See you there!

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Winter Gardens

Not looking very green outside at the moment. Lawns are brown but it won't be long before they're soaking up the spring sunshine and turning green once again.

If you're getting frost on your lawn, don't walk on it until the frost has thawed or you could damage your lawn.

Enjoy your winter garden and frosty mornings (personally I'm looking forward to Spring!)

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Keep those lawns happy

These rains are keeping the lawns growing. Soon it should be time for them to take a "growing" break.

If you want a great lawn, you need to look after the soil. Make sure you keep the moisture up - if you can't get a screwdriver into the soil, you aren't watering anyhwere near enough. Dead spots on the lawn are also a red light. Use Water Crystals to retain more water in the soil. There are products you can put on the lawn or mix in with the soil if you are planting new lawn.

Feeding your lawn. Use an organic fertilizer. Don't put synthetic products on your lawn - your soil is alive but it won't be for long if you don't look after it.

Weed and Feed. You shouldn't need it. Keep your lawns mowed so weeds don't go to seed. Hand weed any that have got out of control (or get the kids to earn their pocket money). If your lawn has too many weeds, you'll need to look if there is another reason for it.

If you need mowing for larger blocks - give Boonah Landscaping a call :)

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Kids love to read!

Print them a Scenic Rim Kids bookmark so they don't lose their spot!

Laminate them or get out the left over book covering contact to give them some extra strength.

Enjoy your book!

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Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic

If you live in the Scenic Rim, if you visit the Scenic Rim - you MUST visit this site.

Mt Barney is a gorgeous tourist location and is now threatened with coal mining.

Check out the website to see what it's all about and what you can do to try to stop it.

There is a meeting this Wednesday, 23 March 2011 - if you could make it, it would be fantastic.

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