Easy Crafts for Kids

Kids love crafts, so here are some easy crafts for them to enjoy.

They'll be happy - they get to do some crafts. You'll be happy, the crafts here are quick and easy :)

Kids colouring pages.

Back to School- These ones have a school theme. The kids will enjoy these.

Some cute Garden Critters to colour.


Kids love to read so let them create their very own bookmark

Kids Love to Read! Bookmark

Blank Bookmark Template Create your own bookmarks - print the template and draw a picture or add stickers, glitter, etc and laminate. These make great gifts for the kids to give to friends or family.

Toilet Roll Crafts

Save these for Christmas to make your own bon bons. Make farm animals or people. Colour in the toilet roll or cover with scrap paper. Draw and cut out pieces for faces, arms and legs and don't forget the clothes, then glue onto the toilet roll. Do a Google search for templates, there's a lot out there. Here's one to check out, a toilet roll octopus.

more ideas Coming soon...

I hope you've enjoyed these fun printable crafts

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crafts are great for rainy days, quite time, or include as a party game at your child's next birthday party

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